Plenary 6: The Impact of Cannabis on Public Health
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Good morning, everyone. I'm John Samet, the Dean of the Colorado School of Public Health, and welcome to Colorado.
When we think about Colorado, I think about mountains, the beauty of the state, what we have done here in public health, the growth of medicine and public health in the state,
our good record on population health, but our challenges. Many people, when they think about Colorado, perhaps cannabis comes to mind.
We were pioneers in the legalization of cannabis, and for those of you who have wandered the
streets of downtown Denver and perhaps gone to the 16th Street Mall, you may have noticed the rather ubiquitous odor of marijuana smoke in the air, and perhaps also the widespread
presence of dispensaries. This was a convenient meeting for me. I have a condo about 10 blocks that way, right by Union Station, with dispensaries to the left and right.
This is an important issue for the state and for all of us, which is why this is an important session.
There's a great deal going on, and we're going to plunge into some of these issues. We're missing one speaker today, Tom Marcotte, who couldn't make it, so we'll have ample
time for a dialogue about these issues. After our presentations, we hope that you'll bring your questions forward.
We're not a large group now, and we'll have an opportunity, I think, to really talk. With that, let me introduce our panelists. First, Jillian Schauer.
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Summary 1:
The Colorado School of Public Health is conducting a scoping review on the health effects of high-potency THC marijuana. The review aims to identify and describe studies on the relationship between high-potency marijuana and health outcomes, both adverse and beneficial. The research team includes members from the Colorado School of Public Health and a scientific review committee. The review is being conducted using a systematic scoping review approach and has identified over 400 relevant trials. The review will provide a comprehensive overview of the existing research and inform future studies and policy decisions.

Summary 2:
The video is a closing message from the ACPM's Preventive Medicine 2022 conference. Attendees are thanked for their support and participation in the conference. The next year's conference, Preventive Medicine 2023, is announced to be held in New Orleans, Louisiana. The conference in New Orleans will feature experts in preventive medicine, networking opportunities, and the chance to explore the city. The winners of the conference prize packs are announced. There are additional speeches discussing the ProCam initiative and providing details about the upcoming conference in New Orleans. The conclusion of the video includes thank you messages and farewells to the attendees, with wishes for safe travels.
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