KBS Lecture: Getting It Right: The Key to Equity and Improved Health of All
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Wow! What an audience and what a great day to welcome everyone, wish you a great afternoon, and to thank those who have been involved with the creation of PM 22.
That includes our ACPM staff, the planning committee, including our outstanding chair, Dr. Linda Hill, and vice chair, Dr. Lisa Miller, our
moderators, all of our speakers, but a special thanks to each and every one of you for participating in this in-person meeting, our first in-person meeting in
three years, hard to believe. I am Dr. Tonette Krause-Wood, president of the college, and it has certainly been an honor to welcome you to PM 22, and it
also has been an honor to serve as president for the past year. I would like to officially call to order the ACPM annual meeting.
Now, as you know, it has been quite a year for public health, and while we've had several advances and new insights for addressing underlying mechanisms to
improving the health of our communities and our populations as a whole, we have encountered major losses. I would like us to share a moment of silence to
reflect on the following. For the lives lost from COVID-19 and the lives saved from prevention measures, including vaccines and new treatments, for the
lives lost from gun violence and our promise to address the underlying causes, including but not limited to mental health, racism, and policies, and
the loss of our dear colleague, Dr. Douglas Schuchfield, and our gratitude for his legacy in public health and
Video Summary
Summary: Dr. Janine Austin-Clayton, a renowned physician scientist and leader in women's health, has been awarded the Catherine Burkhardt Stetis Lecture, the highest honor from the American College of Preventive Medicine. She has championed including sex as a biological variable in research and advancing women in science careers. Dr. Austin-Clayton has been elected to the board of directors of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and is recognized as an expert in her field. In her presentation, "Getting it Right: The Key to Equity and Improved Health for All," she emphasized the importance of understanding sex and gender in healthcare research. She highlighted the lack of representation of women and minorities in clinical trials, the need for more diverse teams, and including women in all stages of research. Dr. Austin-Clayton addressed the issue of data sharing and reporting results by sex and gender. She discussed disparities in healthcare outcomes for women, especially women of color, and called for a more inclusive approach to address these disparities. Her presentation emphasized the necessity for healthcare professionals, researchers, and leaders to promote equity and improve health for all by incorporating a sex and gender lens into research and decision-making.
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Speaker Lecture
Janine Austin-Clayton
physician scientist
women's health
Catherine Burkhardt Stetis Lecture
American College of Preventive Medicine
sex as a biological variable
advancing women in science careers
American Association for the Advancement of Science
equity and improved health
understanding sex and gender
lack of representation
diverse teams in research
data sharing
healthcare disparities
inclusive approach

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