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The panelists discussed their respective career journeys in preventive medicine. They highlighted the importance of following one's passion and interests, as well as being open to new opportunities and experiences. Dr. Ayana Buckner emphasized the significance of doing work that makes one's heart sing and being open to new paths and opportunities, even if they come later in one's career. Dr. Lisa Hesse shared her experience of transitioning from clinical medicine to preventive medicine and how she embraced a variety of roles and experiences throughout her career. She emphasized the importance of not being afraid to look for jobs that provide administrative time for programs and public health work. Dr. Bob Carr discussed the concept of career crafting and encouraged individuals to reflect on their purpose and values, as well as their interests and skills. He highlighted the importance of building a network and leveraging it to explore different career opportunities. The panelists also stressed the need for ongoing learning and being open to new skills and experiences. They suggested using resources such as professional conferences and networking to connect with others and expand one's career possibilities. Overall, the panelists provided insights into the diverse pathways available in preventive medicine and offered advice on navigating a fulfilling career in the field.
career journeys
preventive medicine
new opportunities
clinical medicine
variety of roles
administrative time
fulfilling career

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