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The downtown Denver area is unique. Here there's just so much more to do. There's plenty of historic sites, brand new businesses, museums, and cultural events happening every month.
Denver is an extremely active city. It's an excellent place to try just about anything. People have come down here both to live and to play. It's full of shops, restaurants.
It's really made it an enjoyable place to hang out. The changes to the downtown area are amazing, from Larimer Square into 16th Street Mall.
16th Street Mall is a really diverse area. Each block is a little bit different and unique.
I really enjoy the Denver Pavilions, which has an open-air concept that combines outdoorsy Colorado but also a very urban feel. There's the Hard Rock Cafe, Jazz at Jack's.
You can also catch a film at the United Artists Theater. I stopped by the iHeart Denver store in the Denver Pavilions.
You can find a real gambit, gift items, fine art pieces, prints, t-shirts, and jewelry, all made by local designers, artists, or creative-minded businesses.
Video Summary
The video features presentations by Dr. Joseph Francis, Charles Gabriel, and Dr. Kenneth Berkowitz. Dr. Francis discusses the use of big data in the Veterans Health Administration's pandemic response. He highlights the importance of establishing an authoritative source of data and the need to alleviate burden on healthcare facilities. Dr. Francis also emphasizes the continuous updates and improvements made to the data tracking tool. Charles Gabriel provides an overview of a study on using determinants of health to understand the National Guard population's wellness and readiness. He demonstrates the use of data visualization to analyze health factors and prioritize interventions based on geographic areas and population demographics. Dr. Berkowitz focuses on the ethical considerations in data management. He emphasizes the need for an organizational ethics framework that balances data access and protection. Dr. Berkowitz discusses the importance of transparency, equity, and accountability in data use and highlights the VA's commitment to ethical practices through principles and structures within the organization. The speakers also address questions related to the impact of transitioning to new electronic health records, penalties for data re-identification, and the need for ethical considerations in the use of consumer genetic testing and non-Hippocratic entities.
Dr. Joseph Francis
big data
pandemic response
data tracking tool
determinants of health
data visualization
ethical considerations
organizational ethics framework
electronic health records

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