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The city really is downtown. You have lots of bars, dance clubs, to places with really great views, like the View House, and nice rooftop decks, like the Tavern.
Denver's just great for those chef-driven, owned restaurant concepts that you really could pick from about 20 or 30. We have about 92 beers on tap here at Falling Rock.
If you're interested in craft beer, Denver is definitely the destination of the United States.
Stoic and Genuine is my newest restaurant in Denver Union Station. I love the renovation inside the station itself. It's an incredible transformation of that historic building.
They really took care to bring back that era of what it looked like as a train station. So all light rail, buses, and even Amtrak will be coming out of there.
It's our pathway to DIA, which takes you to the world. Some of the great places downtown are these historic hotels. One is the Brown Palace, the other is the Oxford Hotel.
Also in our neighborhood is the Tired Cover, which is one of the most amazing bookstores. You just have that really fun boutique feel when you walk in.
Just the volume that we have here that makes downtown Denver special.
There's really a lot of activity for shopping, too. Larimer Square gives you that kind of feeling like Rockefeller Center might in New York.
It's the only historic block that still has all the historic buildings. Larimer Square has some really fun little boutiques that I think you can get some unique gifts.
I always take people to Rock Mount Ranch Wear. They're attributed with popularizing the snap front western shirt. From rock stars to ranchers,
it's people who are looking for something quintessentially Colorado.
If I had one word for downtown Denver, it'd be exciting. Active. Historic but emerging. Very funky, be very artsy. It's kind of the heart of this city.
It's also a melting pot of our Denver culture. So if you're coming down here, you're getting a real sense of Denver. It's just a constant stream of unexpected surprises here.
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The presentations focused on two different topics: Women's Peace and Security and the impact of neglected tropical diseases on women. The Women's Peace and Security agenda aims to address the role of women in resolving conflicts and promoting peace. Neglected tropical diseases disproportionately impact women in developing countries. Some of these diseases include schistosomiasis, lymphatic filariasis, and ectoparasitosis. These diseases can have significant physical and psychosocial consequences for women, affecting their health, well-being, and ability to participate in society. Efforts to control these diseases, such as mass drug administration programs, are cost-effective and can improve health outcomes for women. The presentations also highlighted the need to address environmental exposures during pregnancy and the potential impact of climate change on neglected tropical diseases. Overall, the presentations emphasized the importance of considering gender and health disparities in global health initiatives and the need for comprehensive approaches to address these issues.
Women's Peace and Security
neglected tropical diseases
role of women
lymphatic filariasis
health disparities
climate change

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