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Medicine 2021 Annual Conference, here with Dr. Richard Bruno, our Highly Regarded Vice Chair.
On behalf of ACPM Leadership and Planning Conference Committee, we have the honor to welcome you to PM21, Building Resilience, Preventing Pandemics, Health and Equity,
and Climate Change. We are so excited to have you with us today and share with you some of the highlights of this year's conference and today's events. Now, while COVID precludes us
from meeting in person, we're pleased to offer you an all-virtual conference. Our conference theme is
Building Resilience, and sub-themes include Climate Change and Human Health, Social Justice and Health Equity, and COVID-19 Pandemic Preparedness. Our conference tracks, with
sessions that run throughout the conference, include Population Health Management and Health
Technology, Public Health Practice Innovation and Community Medicine, Research Evidence and Policy,
Clinical Preventive Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine, Global Health and Environmental Medicine,
and the Future of Preventive Medicine Training and Advocacy. Our oral concurrent sessions include
updates from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, the Community Preventive Services Task Force, and the American Board of Preventive Medicine. Plenary sessions throughout the
conference will highlight our conference theme and sub-themes, including Building Resilience
During the COVID Pandemic, Climate Resilience and Environmental Justice, Building Vaccine Confidence
with Outreach Efforts and U.S. Regulatory Safety Practices, Social Justice and Health Equity,
and Building Public Health Resilience, featuring health officials on the front lines
and legislative efforts behind the scenes. Keynote speakers include Allison Cassidy from the EPA,
Chelsea Clinton from the Clinton Foundation, Peter Marks from FDA's CBER, Amanda Cohn from the CDC and
Video Summary
The Medicine 2021 Annual Conference, also known as PM21, is an all-virtual conference that focuses on the theme of Building Resilience, Preventing Pandemics, Health Inequity, and Climate Change. The conference covers a variety of topics and sub-themes such as climate change and human health, social justice and health equity, and COVID-19 pandemic preparedness. The conference includes different tracks and sessions that run throughout the event, including population health management, health technology, public health practice innovation, community medicine, research evidence and policy, clinical preventive medicine, lifestyle medicine, global health, and environmental medicine. The conference features plenary sessions that highlight the theme and sub-themes, with experts and leaders in the field addressing important topics such as building resilience during the COVID pandemic, climate resilience and environmental justice, building vaccine confidence, social justice and health equity, and building public health resilience. Keynote speakers include professionals from various organizations, such as the EPA, Clinton Foundation, FDA, CDC, Howard University, Bipartisan Policy Center, Tuskegee University, and more. The conference also includes scientific poster presentations, professional development events, networking opportunities, and awards for outstanding contributions to the field of preventive medicine. Participants can earn CME hours for attending sessions and engage in the PM21 networking challenge for a chance to win a complimentary registration to the PM22 conference. Overall, the conference aims to provide a platform for healthcare professionals to learn, share knowledge, and discuss important issues in preventive medicine and public health.
Medicine 2021 Annual Conference
Building Resilience
Preventing Pandemics
Health Inequity
Climate Change
Climate Change and Human Health
Social Justice and Health Equity
COVID-19 Pandemic Preparedness
Population Health Management
Health Technology
Public Health Practice Innovation

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