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Well, it is hard to believe that it has been four days since I said hello on Tuesday, no, I guess it was Wednesday. What a great meeting.
Can we please give a round of applause to our chair, our vice chair, and our ACPM staff? What a wonderful opportunity for us to all be back together in person celebrating science,
celebrating network, and celebrating the achievements for public health and preventive medicine. But not only what we have done, but what we see we can do in the future.
And what a better way to celebrate and to sort of wrap up the end of the meeting than with an awards ceremony.
We have so many of our individuals who give of their lifeblood, their time, their effort, their enthusiasm, and their commitment to move the field of preventive medicine and
public health forward. And it is by doing this that we are able to do the tremendous amount of work that we need
to do to help advance the health of our communities and the populations that we serve. So it is such an honor to be here on the final day of an outstanding conference, but
also to recognize those who have given so much time, so much effort, and can be recognized today. We'll also be thanking many of the contributors who have made the awards possible.
As you know, several of them carry cash prizes, and that's always nice, especially for our residents.
So we have a wonderful opportunity this morning to recognize so many of the group. And I really have to offer a special recognition and a shout out to the awards subcommittee.
So Dr. Miriam Alexander is our chair of this subcommittee, and she's going to come forward and introduce and, of course, recognize all the members of this subcommittee who, again,
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During the final day of a conference, awards were presented to individuals who have made significant contributions to the field of preventive medicine. The awards recognized their dedication, research, and achievements. The recipients included residents, physicians, and researchers who have shown a commitment to advancing public health and preventive medicine. The awards ranged from recognizing the most junior member to the most senior, and included awards for excellence in research, outstanding service, and future leaders in the field. The winners were announced and congratulated for their hard work and contributions. The event concluded with the recognition of fellows of the American College of Preventive Medicine, highlighting their significant efforts in advancing the field. The ceremony highlighted the importance of collaboration, dedication, and the commitment to improving the health of communities.
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