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In a panel discussion, Dr. Aletha Maybank from the AMA and Dr. Ursula Bauer from the Office of the Surgeon General discussed the role of businesses in addressing health equity and social justice. They emphasized that health is influenced by conditions outside of the healthcare system and called for businesses to collaborate with stakeholders and invest in communities. Examples of businesses taking action were given, such as the Hillenbrand Company. The panelists stressed the importance of businesses understanding and meeting the needs of their stakeholders. Dr. Bauer spoke about inclusive hiring practices and partnering with community organizations to address social determinants of health. Dr. El-Sayed highlighted the need to challenge narratives perpetuating systemic racism and inequality, and reevaluate the profit motive in healthcare. Dr. Maybank emphasized the role of medical societies in diversity, equity, and inclusion. The panelists discussed the role of businesses in promoting equity and the need for systemic change. The discussion highlighted the ongoing efforts to address disparities and the importance of challenging structural barriers within the healthcare system and society as a whole.
panel discussion
health equity
social justice
healthcare system
community investment
Hillenbrand Company
inclusive hiring practices
social determinants of health
systemic racism
medical societies

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