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Welcome to the Public Health Practice Innovation and Community Medicine Track Session. In this session, Dr. Gwendolyn Diaz discusses a model for community and healthcare resiliency. She focuses on the dilemma of inadequate healthcare access and the high costs of healthcare. Dr. Diaz introduces a solution that involves direct primary care and emphasizes the importance of prevention and chronic care. She also highlights the mutual benefits of this model, including improved patient care and economic sustainability for healthcare providers. Dr. Alan Weiss follows with a presentation on the Blue Zones Project. He explains that health is determined by our environment, and introduces nine characteristics of Blue Zones communities where people live longer and healthier lives. Dr. Weiss emphasizes the importance of preventing illness and mentions the positive impact of Blue Zones communities on health outcomes and healthcare costs. He also discusses the role of individual passion and collaboration in implementing these models. During the Q&A portion, the speakers address questions about implementation strategies, health equity, surprising outcomes, and areas for improvement. Overall, both presentations highlight the need for a shift towards prevention and community-based approaches to healthcare.
Community Medicine Track Session
Dr. Gwendolyn Diaz
model for community and healthcare resiliency
direct primary care
importance of prevention and chronic care
improved patient care
economic sustainability for healthcare providers
Blue Zones Project
environmental determinants of health
positive impact on health outcomes
shift towards prevention

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