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outstanding member contributions to our college and profession, and remarks from our President-Elect, Dr. Tinette Castle-Wood. Be sure to create a profile and
participate in the PM21 Networking Challenge, interacting with your colleagues, attending events and sessions, and earning points to be
entered into a drawing to win a complimentary PM22 conference registration. We'll be starting conference events today with the State
of the College with our CEO Donna Grande, ACPM President Stephanie Zaza, ACPM Treasurer Doni Shen, and ACPM Secretary Sandra Guerra. This will be followed by
our KBS lecture featuring Dr. Aletha Maybank, the Chief Health Equity Officer and Senior Vice President of the American Medical Association. Dr. Maybank
will also be featured in a plenary panel on building social justice and health equity on Tuesday afternoon. Remember to join us on social media and use
hashtag PM2021. Concurrent sessions for today include a patient safety course, partnerships in public health, and managing stress and weight during COVID.
And please join us this evening for the grand opening of our Partner Corner, the poster exhibits, and our virtual tour of the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History
with our guide Dr. Steve Rockauer. We're so glad you're here and hope you enjoy PM21.
Video Summary

The American College of Preventive Medicine is hosting its 2021 Annual Conference virtually, focusing on resilience, pandemic prevention, health equity, and climate change. Keynote speakers include representatives from the EPA, Clinton Foundation, FDA's CBER, and the CDC. The conference features sessions on climate change, social justice, and COVID-19 preparedness, along with recognition of member contributions. Dr. Aletha Maybank will deliver the KBS lecture on transforming the medical profession for health equity. The event offers networking opportunities, CME hours, and the chance to win a complimentary conference registration for the following year. The AMA's strategic plan to address health equity and racial injustice is discussed, emphasizing embedding equity in all aspects of their work. The goal is to confront root causes like racism, white supremacy, and ableism while normalizing conversations, organizing at the institutional level, and operationalizing tools and data. The AMA collaborates with organizations like the AAP and invests in communities to ensure equitable opportunities and innovation. Internal work within medical organizations is highlighted, including resources and trainings. The AMA envisions a future prioritizing health equity and closing gaps caused by systemic inequities.

The summary does not mention any specific individuals from the American College of Preventive Medicine. However, credits are given to keynote speakers and Dr. Aletha Maybank in showcasing their roles and topics of discussion.
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