Innovative Systems Approaches to Achieving
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This video was a session on Innovative Systems Approaches to Achieving Health Equity in Diabetes Prevention. The session began with an overview of the project, which is part of a CDC grant, and the goals of the project, which include increasing screening and testing of high-risk populations, engaging patients in the National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), addressing social determinants of health, and collecting data on the impact of interventions. The session then heard from speakers representing different project partners, including the American Medical Association, the Black Women's Health Imperative, and three project sites. The speakers discussed various strategies and interventions used to screen and refer patients, engage patients in the DPP, and address social needs barriers. They also shared successes and challenges they encountered during the project. After the presentations, participants split into breakout groups to discuss specific topics related to the project, such as referring within health systems, referring between health systems, and partnering with community organizations. Key takeaways from the session included the importance of partnerships, the need for more health plan coverage for the DPP, and the potential for social isolation to be addressed through the program.
Innovative Systems Approaches
Health Equity
Diabetes Prevention
CDC grant
High-risk populations
National Diabetes Prevention Program
Social determinants of health
Project partners
Screening and testing
Engaging patients
Social needs barriers
Breakout groups

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