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Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome to the American College of Preventive Medicine's webinar on health behavior change.
I'm Dr. Angela Michelide, the Vice President for Programs and Education at ACPM, and I'm very pleased today that we're being joined by Gail O'Sullivan to speak to this important
issue. I will be introducing her shortly. The American College of Preventive Medicine is a professional medical society of approximately
2,000 physicians dedicated to improving health and the quality of life for individuals, families, communities, and populations through disease prevention and health promotion.
Our members are licensed medical doctors who possess a master in public health degree and expertise in a broad range of health care skills, including biostatistics, epidemiology,
management of health care organizations, research, and the practice of prevention in clinical settings.
They work in a variety of work sectors, including hospitals, government at the local, state, and national levels, the military, laboratories, businesses, and academia.
I have just a few housekeeping items as we begin. You have all been placed in a listen-only mode, but we ask you to please type your questions
in the box throughout the presentation, and we'll respond to them at the end. We will be recording this webinar today, and it will be posted in our learning management
system, so if you'd like to watch it again or share it with friends, please look for that in our LMS in a couple of days.
Of course, we want to know what you thought, so we'll have a brief survey at the end of the webinar.
So it gives me great pleasure today to introduce our speaker, Gail O'Sullivan, MBA, who is a thought leader in the social marketing and behavioral change fields.
Video Summary
In this webinar, Dr. Angela Michelide introduces Gail O'Sullivan as the speaker on the topic of health behavior change. The webinar focuses on the role of behavioral science in promoting behavior change, particularly in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Gail discusses key concepts in behavioral science, such as the factors that drive behavior and the influence of social norms. She also highlights the importance of social marketing in promoting behavior change and provides examples of effective campaigns, including one on vaping and another on Peloton exercise bikes. Gail emphasizes the need for clear and effective communication in promoting behavior change, and she provides tips and resources for healthcare providers to use in their interactions with patients. Overall, the webinar provides insights into the challenges and strategies involved in promoting healthy behavior change, with a particular focus on the current COVID-19 pandemic.
health behavior change
behavioral science
COVID-19 pandemic
social norms
social marketing
Peloton exercise bikes

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