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Summary: The speakers discussed their experiences in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in different settings. Captain Robert Lipsitz shared his experience in Japan, where he helped with the COVID response in a joint headquarters command. He highlighted the importance of understanding the joint world before deployment and the need for rapid testing capabilities. Commander Tammy Servies discussed the response in Europe and the challenges faced in advising and enforcing public health measures, such as quarantine and contact tracing. Brian Legendre talked about his deployments on US Navy ships, the USS America and USS Theodore Roosevelt, and the measures taken to prevent and manage COVID outbreaks on board. He emphasized the difficulties of implementing quarantines and the importance of constant communication in crisis management. Dr. Robin Barbato talked about her research on microbial threats in the Arctic, particularly in permafrost, where climate change is causing the release of previously frozen microorganisms. She discussed the challenges and potential risks associated with these emerging pathogens. The speakers also highlighted the influence of local culture and regulations on the COVID response and the need for effective risk communication.
COVID-19 pandemic
rapid testing capabilities
contact tracing
US Navy ships
COVID outbreaks
constant communication
microbial threats

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