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In this video transcript, the speakers introduce themselves and discuss the importance of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans in promoting health and preventing disease. They explain that the guidelines are based on rigorous scientific evidence and are updated every five years. The speakers discuss the different approaches used in the development of the guidelines, including data analysis, food pattern modeling, and systematic reviews. They emphasize the importance of following a healthy dietary pattern at every life stage and provide information on accessing the guidelines online and navigating the information most relevant to patients and clients. They also highlight the various resources available on MyPlate.gov, including the MyPlate quiz, the Start Simple with MyPlate app, the MyPlate Plan, and the MyPlate kitchen, which offers a wide range of recipes. The speakers stress the importance of personalizing and customizing healthy eating habits to reflect personal preferences, cultural traditions, and budgetary considerations. They also discuss the need to limit foods higher in added sugars, saturated fats, and sodium, and to limit alcoholic beverages. The speakers conclude by encouraging professionals to stay connected and informed about new resources and updates from MyPlate.gov.
Dietary Guidelines for Americans
health promotion
disease prevention
scientific evidence
data analysis
food pattern modeling
healthy dietary pattern
online access
personalized eating habits
resource updates

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