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The session entitled "Combating the Youth Vaping Epidemic" covered various topics related to youth vaping. Dr. Brenna Van Frank from CDC provided an overview of e-cigarette devices and their components, emphasizing that not all e-cigarettes are the same. She discussed the different generations of e-cigarette devices, their nicotine content, and the potential health risks associated with their use. Dr. Amoye Amoiseli from the FDA presented findings from a study on poisoning exposure cases involving e-cigarettes, highlighting an increase in the number of cases in 2018, especially among young children and teenagers. She also mentioned that the long-term clinical implications of seizures after e-cigarette use are still unknown. Lastly, Ms. Allison Kulas from the FDA talked about the FDA's mass health communication youth e-cigarette prevention campaign, the Real Cost, which aims to raise awareness about the harmful effects of e-cigarette use among youth. She mentioned that the campaign has seen positive results in terms of ad awareness and receptivity, and is working to change attitudes and behaviors related to tobacco use. Overall, the session highlighted the need for comprehensive approaches to prevent youth vaping, including policies, regulations, and public health campaigns.
Combating the Youth Vaping Epidemic
youth vaping
e-cigarette devices
generations of e-cigarette devices
nicotine content
health risks
poisoning exposure cases
increase in cases
seizures after e-cigarette use
youth e-cigarette prevention campaign
harmful effects of e-cigarette use

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