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Okay, so I want to move to conclude here by saying that we're mobilizing to bring our voices to policymakers, and if we could advance several slides.
Just want to mention that a meeting, our annual conference, starts this Friday evening with three workshops, and on Tuesday, May 25th, we're visiting Congress, and so I invite
you all, please, to join us. You can register at our website, docsforclimate.org, and join us to bring your voice to Congress
so that they know that we believe that climate solutions are health solutions and that we would like them to act. Thanks very much. Great.
Thank you so much, Dr. Sarfati, and apologies to everyone for the technical snafus. We're going to extend for just an extra five minutes, so we'll have 10 minutes of questions
coming up now, and you're still welcome to add questions in the question box and to also upvote on questions if you'd like.
Video Summary
The speaker concludes by inviting viewers to join their annual conference and visit Congress to bring their voices to policymakers. They emphasize that climate solutions are health solutions and urge everyone to register on their website. The next question is about population density and its impact on climate change, with the speakers highlighting the importance of per capita consumption in industrialized countries. They also emphasize the need for family planning and education for women and girls to break the cycle of large families. In terms of reducing emissions, the speakers suggest shifting to renewables, reducing air travel, and making personal choices such as buying energy from clean sources, using active transportation, and reducing meat consumption. They also emphasize the importance of lobbying national leaders to make ambitious commitments to address climate change at the global level.
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