Plenary 2: COVID 19's Impact on Clinical Preventive Services
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Video Transcription
This session will focus on trends in and impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on preventive clinical
services, something as preventive medicine physicians and practitioners we care deeply about.
Specifically, our three speakers this morning will be discussing pediatric and adult immunizations, cardiometabolic screenings, and cancer screenings.
After our speakers, we will have about 15 minutes for questions, so please save questions until the end, and we'll engage in discussion about what you've heard.
So I'd like to introduce all of our speakers at this time, and this will be the order that they speak in.
So first, we have Dr. Ram Kapaka, who's the Associate Director for Adult Immunization in the CDC Immunization Services Division.
In this role, he leads CDC's domestic effort to facilitate and promote vaccination among adults, including work to address the longstanding disparities in vaccine coverage among
communities of color. He began his career at CDC in 1998 as Director of the Virginia Division of Tuberculosis Control,
and subsequently served in both CDC headquarters and field-based positions, including an assignment
to the United Nations System Influenza Coordination Team, which was charged with preparing the
UN system for a global pandemic, and an extended assignment to the New York City Department of Mental Health and Hygiene.
Next we'll have Dr. Krause-Wood, who you heard from yesterday, but what you may not have heard about Dr. Krause-Wood is that she is a physician scientist who engages in NIH-funded
clinical research and clinical trials focused on adherence to prescribed therapies, management
of hypertension and sex differences and health disparities research, engaging local, national, and international women and men with chronic metabolic, cardiometabolic diseases.
She is nationally and internationally recognized for her research in medication adherence to antihypertensive medications.
Video Summary
The video content revolves around the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on preventive clinical services, particularly pediatric and adult immunizations, cardiometabolic screenings, and cancer screenings. It highlights the success of the Vaccines for Children program in raising vaccination rates among children but emphasizes the need for a similar infrastructure for adult immunizations. Efforts are discussed to address low vaccination rates among adults, including engaging with communities and improving access to vaccination services. The video also addresses the impact of the pandemic on cardiometabolic disease prevention and management services, focusing on the vulnerability of individuals with underlying health conditions and the need to address social determinants of health. The importance of cardiovascular health metrics and the relationship between ideal cardiovascular health and reduced risk of chronic diseases are emphasized. The video stresses the importance of addressing disparities, building community resilience, and implementing comprehensive strategies to promote preventive clinical services during and after the pandemic.

Credits: The video content features speakers who provide insights and knowledge on the respective topics discussed, but specific credits are not mentioned.
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COVID-19 pandemic
preventive clinical services
pediatric immunizations
adult immunizations
cardiometabolic screenings
cancer screenings
vaccination rates
low vaccination rates
access to vaccination services
cardiometabolic disease prevention
social determinants of health
ideal cardiovascular health

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