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In this plenary session of the ACPM's PM21 annual conference, Chelsea Clinton discusses the work being done by the Clinton Foundation to address vaccine hesitancy and increase vaccine access. The foundation has focused on supporting faith leaders to answer questions about COVID-19 vaccines and provide accurate information to their congregations. They have also worked with educational partners to ensure that parents and young people are well-informed. At the global level, the foundation has supported the World Health Organization's efforts to scale up vaccine distribution and provide answers to questions about vaccine development. In addition to the foundation's work, Chelsea Clinton emphasizes the importance of combatting disinformation and misinformation around vaccines. She mentions the role social media platforms play in amplifying false information and calls on platforms like Facebook to do a better job of removing and deplatforming accounts that spread vaccine misinformation. Chelsea Clinton also addresses vaccine equity, highlighting the need to invest in global vaccination efforts and ensure that vaccines reach all communities, particularly vulnerable and marginalized groups. She prioritizes the importance of providing access to vaccines for those who face social and economic barriers. Finally, she expresses concerns about lifting mask restrictions prematurely and discusses the need to continue messaging and educating the public about the risks of COVID-19.
Clinton Foundation
vaccine hesitancy
faith leaders
global vaccine distribution
vaccine equity
vulnerable groups
access to vaccines
mask restrictions

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