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In this video, Dr. Bob Carr discusses the importance of building resilience in individuals and communities through recognizing the dynamic nature of resilience and the role of purpose. He also emphasizes the need to address essential needs and support systems. Dr. Jane Kim focuses on how the Department of Veterans Affairs has supported veterans during the COVID-19 pandemic, with an emphasis on a healthy living approach and programs specifically designed for veterans with chronic conditions. Both speakers highlight the importance of trust, effective communication, and leveraging technology in healthcare delivery, as well as the connection between healthcare financing and resilience. They stress the need for holistic approaches that address social determinants of health and support whole-person well-being. Lastly, they share personal experiences and lessons learned, emphasizing the importance of mental health and community support in building resilience. This video provides insights into fostering resilience and promoting healthy living during challenging times.
dynamic nature
essential needs
support systems
COVID-19 pandemic
healthy living approach
effective communication
social determinants of health

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