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Video Transcription
Hello everyone, and welcome to ACPM's introduction to AI and technology with our hosts from GOMO Health, Bob Gould and Jessica Anderson.
To lead us in this conversation, I welcome Dr. Michelle Soltis, who is the actual chair of the Education Committee at ACPM and very involved with the AI fundamentals for physicians,
both in ACPM's curriculum and in exploring new information, which Bob and Jessica will present to us today. With that, I give you Colonel Soltis. Thank you, Cara.
Welcome to our esteemed presenters, ACPM members, session attendees, and other guests. My name is Michelle Soltis, and as Cara noted, I have the distinct pleasure of serving as
the chair of the ACPM Education Committee and as the chair of the Innovations in Preventive Medicine track for this year's Preventive Medicine 2024 conference.
Thank you for joining ACPM today for this live event, AI Fundamentals for Physicians. In today's rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, staying abreast of the latest technological
advancements is absolutely paramount. Artificial intelligence has the potential to offer physicians powerful tools to improve
diagnostics, care management, and patient outcomes, as well as to enhance the patient experience.
This webinar today is designed to equip you with the foundational knowledge to understand this dynamic.
ACPM is very pleased to partner with GOMO Health in bringing this webinar to you. Today's speakers are Bob Gold, founder and chief behavioral technologist at GOMO Health,
and Jessica Anderson, GOMO Health's director of clinical performance improvement and organizational excellence.
Video Summary
In today's webinar on AI fundamentals for physicians, hosted by ACPM, attendees were given insights by experts Bob Gould and Jessica Anderson from GOMO Health. The session emphasized how AI can enhance diagnostics, care management, and patient outcomes in healthcare. Significant points covered included the importance of staying updated with technological advancements, utilizing AI to improve patient care, and empowering physicians to deliver exceptional healthcare. The webinar also discussed different types of AI, such as machine learning and natural language processing, as well as the role of physicians in creating AI applications. Safeguards, ethical considerations, and real-world examples were also highlighted. Attendees were encouraged to consider incorporating AI into their teaching practices and to venture into the realm of AI implementation for improved patient care and outcomes. Overall, the session suggested that engaging with AI in a controlled manner can yield benefits for both practitioners and patients alike.
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