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The video discusses the proposal to increase funding for residency physicians, specifically focusing on the Preventive Medicine Residency (PMR) program. Currently funded at $7 million, the proposal aims to allocate $101 million to fully fund all 679 slots in the program and provide additional support due to funding restraints caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal is to ensure that there are enough doctors with MPHs to lead in health departments and prepare for future pandemics. The video emphasizes the importance of preventive medicine physicians in epidemiology work, case investigation, and contact tracing leadership.

The panelists in the video also emphasize the need for long-term, predictable, and sufficient funding for preventive medicine training programs. They encourage preventive medicine physicians to engage in advocacy at the state and local government level and recommend joining organizations and committees to gain experience and build relationships with legislators. The panelists highlight the expertise and perspectives of preventive medicine physicians in policy discussions and suggest that advocacy skills can be learned through hands-on experience and guidance from organizations and experienced lobbyists. They also stress the importance of motivation and active participation in advocacy efforts.

Overall, the video provides information on the funding proposal for residency physicians in the PMR program and encourages preventive medicine physicians to engage in advocacy to support the increase in funding. The panelists offer words of encouragement and highlight the impact that preventive medicine physicians can make in policy and advocacy work.
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Preventive Medicine Residency
COVID-19 pandemic
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