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Well, good afternoon, everybody, and welcome to this webinar from Addressing the Ten Essential Public Health Services.
Our presentation today will be by Dr. Boris Lushniak, moderated by Dr. Sam Shekhar. I'm Dr. Angela Michelide, the Vice President of Programs and Education at the American
College of Preventive Medicine. The American College of Preventive Medicine is a professional medical society of more
than 2,000 physicians dedicated to improving the health and quality of life of individuals, families, communities, and populations through disease prevention and health promotion.
Our members are licensed medical doctors or doctors of osteopathy who possess expertise in a broad range of healthcare skills, including biostatistics, epidemiology, management of
healthcare organizations, research, and the practice of prevention in clinical settings. They work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, government at the local, state,
and federal levels, the military, laboratories, businesses, and academia. I have just a few housekeeping tips for us today. You've all been placed in listen-only mode.
We will be posting a recording of this webinar on the ACPM.org website in a day or two, so please feel free to share it with your friends.
We ask you that throughout the presentation that you type your questions and answers into the chat box.
And, of course, we want to know what you thought about the webinar because we're always on the road to continuous improvement, so do fill out the survey.
It gives me pleasure today to introduce our moderator, Dr. Sam Shaker. Dr. Shaker is a senior medical public health executive with an extensive leadership record
Video Summary
Dr. Boris Lushniak, former United States Deputy Surgeon General, presented a webinar on the Ten Essential Public Health Services. The presentation discussed the history, revisions, and practical implications of the essential services. The Ten Essential Public Health Services provide a framework for protecting and promoting the health of communities and individuals. The services include assessing and monitoring population health, investigating health problems and hazards, informing and educating the public, strengthening community partnerships, and implementing policies that impact health. The revised framework places a strong emphasis on equity and social justice, aiming to remove barriers and systemic issues that contribute to health inequities. The webinar highlighted the importance of incorporating the essential services into public health education, practice, and reporting. It emphasized the need for a well-resourced workforce and organizational infrastructure in order to effectively implement the essential services. The presentation concluded with a call to action for public health professionals to advocate for preventive medicine and public support for public health.
Ten Essential Public Health Services
equity and social justice
health inequities
public health education
well-resourced workforce
organizational infrastructure
implementing essential services
preventive medicine
public support

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